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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
11:40 pm - One-of-a-kind elvish leafy shiny for sale!

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Part of the Butterfly Rose Creations Silver Leaves Collection, this one-of-a-kind, original-design pendant is hand-made from solid fine silver (.999 pure), sterling silver bezel settings (for strength), labradorite, spectrolite and grey moonstone cabachons (in order of descending size), and a "pale natural" oxidation wash (that could be removed to show the silver's bright natural coloring, if preferred). The whole piece measures at around 2.5"-2.75" long, depending on the angle you're measuring from, and the design is based around replicas of real leaves! Each leaf is used once, and destroyed, in the process of taking its impression, and no castings were made -- even among the few design replicas, no other piece will be exactly like this one. This piece of fine jewelry truly is wearable art, as unique as the one who will wear it.

Carry a timeless bit of the verdant woods into Winter with you....

This is crossposted from my personal LJ and my Gallery LJ, to anywhere I can. Apologies to anyone that is sick of seeing it, but my family is dealing with a lot of financial hardship right now, and I'll spare you the sob story, but please, if you have a love of shinies, or have reason to gift someone who does...bid on my creation. Every bit helps more than you might imagine.

Contact references for previous customers of mine are available, if you want to ask someone other than me, what pieces like this, look like in person.

No, there will be no E-Baying. Not many people go looking around there, for things like this, and I'd really rather avoid the fees. The auction will be held HERE, in the comments of the post. The auction ends at 10pm central time, November 1st. Comments or questions are welcome, in the meantime. The high bidder winning the auction will receive the pendant, gift box, and certificate of authenticity, at the address of their choice. Since this came up the last time I auctioned off some of my pieces -- if you are intereted in a matching sterling chain, please contact me to add it to your order and order cost. I can ship internationally, I just don't know the rates off the top of my head. 2-3 day insured shipping within the USA tends to run around $7. Payments can be made via PayPal...if you don't have PayPal, we can make other arrangements.

Once again, the auction is being held in the comments of THIS post. The auction ends at 10pm central time, November 1st. Bid incrementally in standard auction fashion, since there is no E-Bay-esque function to invisibly track your competing bids, up until your limit...or just bid what you think the piece is worth, straight off, and be that nice to me. ;-) I will try to get on LJ daily or near-daily, and will edit the post, just below the piece, to reflect the current high bid. Bidding is currently at $110.

Thank you!

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Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006
11:06 am - Auctioning off SilverLeaf pieces originally intended for the WWRF!!!

Dear all....

Remember my hopeful post about being a vendor for the WWRF? I was going to be showing and selling pieces from my Silver Leaves Collection (mostly)....pieces that look like this...

Image hosting by Photobucket

A lot of people asked me to post an update about how things went. Well, I'll spare you the rant/whimperage about that disaster, but suffice to say, because of the failure of others to do their jobs, my work was never shown or sold. I've gotten my package back from FedEx, and am hoping to cut my losses by auctioning off the pieces that aren't already spoken for. Please see my gallery journal to view the pieces up for auction, and, if you're willing, spread the SilverLeaf love, and promote my auction wherever and to whoever you think it might be appreciated!

Much oblidged..

~ Rhiannon, resident starving artist

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Friday, February 10th, 2006
9:44 pm - The Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire is TOMORROW!

Tomorrow marks a momentous occasion...a new Renaissance Faire opens!

The NorthEast (of the US) will no longer be Faire-deprived during the loooong Winter months. Tomorrow (Saturday), February 11th, between noon and midnight, Edison, NJ will set the stage for this adult-oriented extravaganza. Fear not, the snow! The Faire will be held in a convention center, and things will be kept plenty heated up, inside. Everything that you love about RenFests will be there (except the dusty trails through the woods), from food to vendors to performers...but the latter two won't have to restrain themselves to "child-safe" show and tell, as it were.

Why am I so excited about this, even though I'm stuck in the wrong part of the country? Because tomorrow marks a momentous occasion for me, as well, since I will be a vendor at said Faire! I won't be able to be there (o, woe!), but some of my jewelry will be. This marks the first time that my silverwork is available to the general public, since up until this point, I have been working purely on a custom-commission basis. I am very, very excited...and very, very anxious. Ok, petrified. But giddy, too. Basically, my brain is a blendered mix of several flavors of adrenaline.

It's an amazing opportunity for me, a heck of a testing ground for my business, and potentially a tiny flash of light at the end of a long, dark financial tunnel, for my family. Or, it could be a disaster. **GULP** I'm trying to keep my thoughts focused on wild n' crazy hopes for selling out, garnering a lot of commissions, and spreading my wonderful reputation. I'm told my work is up to par with or well beyond that of assorted bigwig expensive designers...but they stand a class apart, because their names are KNOWN. Well a Faire will certainly kick up the speed of the word of mouth I've largely been relying on....and if, beyond the adoration and patronage of the masses (ha ha), I can earn the respect and consideration of other Faires, then...Oh! What a happy Rennie I will be! Naturally, all prayers, well-wishing, candle-lighting, good-vibe-sending, and other such goodwill would be greatly appreciated. For a great deal more fun for yourselves, you could think those good thoughts at me while attending the Faire yourselves. Come on...I know some of you are close enough. ;-)

Money and time worked against my sending more, but I still managed to send a decent amount....

For a preview of the work that I sent, look under here. Be warned, this is VERY image heavy...Collapse )

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Thursday, December 1st, 2005
5:24 pm - The leaves fall, but Nature's beauty endures...

Elegance under the cut, for your viewing pleasure but browser's relief...Collapse )

The stark beauty of Winter brings with it many occasions to let yourself shimmer and shine. 'Tis the season to honor beauty that doesn't fade -- your own, or that of a loved one -- with something truly special. Anyone can dazzle in mass-marketed glitter, but what kind of indulgence is that? My Silver Leaves Collection are all original and custom designs, hand-made using fine silver, gemstones, and replicas of natural leaves. No two are exactly alike, so each piece is as special and distinct as the recipient. Almost any kind of piece is possible, with almost any kind of stone...but leaves are now limited until the Spring. Contact me now to discuss commissioning pieces in time for the assorted Winter holidays.

See My Butterfly Rose Creations Gallery for information, details, and more recent examples of my work.

(Crossposted hither and tither, because I've got a husband and baby to help support, and this year I want to be able to send my friends presents, dangit!)

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Thursday, May 20th, 2004
12:45 am - For love of shooting stars...

Where are the Dreamers who walk this world but refuse to be limited by it? Where are those who feel they belong in other places, other ages? Where are the romantics, the kindred, the spiritual, the magickal? Where are those who lavish in fantasy, in arcana, in the natural, the celestial, the medieval, the Renaissance, the Celtic lands, lore and legend, mythology and memory? Where are the old-world goths of dark beauty, of velvet and stone? Where are the fae spirits, the moon-dancers, the forest-wanderers, the wind-singers? Where are those who feel they've found their place in the world once they are at RenFests, or Faires, the SCA or RPGs? Where are you?

I know you're out there. After all, I am. And I'm trying so hard to bring a little more of the wonder of the world I'd rather be living in, into the world of mundane logistics that I'm stuck in. I'm trying to take the muddle of questions...of health, time, family, finances, sanity...and answer it in a way that allows me to meet all those needs with who I am, not just what I can do...and share it. Share it with the rest of you...the friends, those who could be friends, those who simply share the same kind of fondness for the world and its potentials. Those who have been yelling into my head until I head echoes of confidence that...I can do this.

I can start my own small business based on my artisanship, based on my personality, based on who I am and what I love and how I see the world. Butterfly Rose Creations can be another dream made more than a dream. And it's the sort of dream I can share.

But the yelling has faded to whispers now that I've started making my little declaration to the world, and few seem to want to stand by what was said. Would you take a look? Would you share with me what you make of what you find? Will you help me add a little more beauty, a little more meaning, to the world we're all lost and found in?


Some of you know me, know what I offer in friendship, advice, information or ideas. Some of you might simply remember my offer of DragonMoons previously. Now I am running two new auctions (yes, EBay auctions, I admit it...but I'm desperate), here and here. The first is of a chain-maille styled choker and matching earrings, featuring shiny stainless steel rings, fittings, and cascading chain, and blue stone stars. The second is of a matching hand-flower/slave bracelet (a bracelet that extends over the back of the hand to at least one finger). Both are hand-made, original designs on a shooting star theme. (This is, after all, about passionate wishes.) Both are feminine yet not fragile, both durable and beautiful, professional but not standardized. The auctions have about 3 days and 20 hours left.

Some of the images can be found here belowCollapse )

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Wednesday, April 14th, 2004
3:51 pm - Writers?

Are there any writers out there? I'm on my spring break and have desperately been trying to focus on some of my more promising writing projects, but as soon as I sit down I meet Mr. Wall!

Does anyone have advice for writer's block? I'm music affected so I know what to listen to to inspire my mood at least - but today my music is rather out of reach so I am looking for other ways to encourage inspiration.


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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
11:06 am - Greetings!

Yay, we have three members (including myself) That's not too shabby for the first 12 hours.

I don't know too many ways of advertising this Community outside of posting in other LJ-communities (which some part of my brain informs me is slightly inconsiderate). If either of you have any online LJ friends that you think would benefit from a female-only, 18+ subculture-support community, please alert them.

The main driving force behind the creation of this community were a few factors:
1) Too many silly fangirl in LJ-communities (hence the age barrier for this community)
2) LJ-communities ONLY for selling/buying and not for general discussion (LBG seems to be the only LJ-community without this stigma)
3) LJ-communities specifically geared toward 1 style, 1 subculture or 1 theme.

So, if you were to describe this community to someone I'd say "strong women in subcultures" would be the briefest way to do so. I hope to recruit more members over the weekend =)

Feel free to start up your own posts, Kat + Morgen :)

current mood: calm

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Friday, April 9th, 2004
2:33 pm - Welcome, ladies

To refresh what is on the user info page:

This community is for intelligent, serious women to share their interest in the subcultures of:
- Elegant gothic lolita
- Cyber/Industrial
- Fetish/BDSM
- Elegant gothic artisocrat
- Vintage
- Gothic

Women will never be judged on: martial status, sexual orientation, employment, education, children, subculture, lifestyle, etc.

We would like a mix of women, not just auction sellers. Contribution and active participation is essential to this community, be it sharing your art, informal essays on your subculture of choice, and any lifestyle perks/quarks/whatnot with your subculture of choice.

Community Rules:
(1) Females only, no exceptions
(2) We are women - please be 18 or over as the subject matter in which we may discuss may require a mature audience.
(3) If you are a seller, please feel free to share your auctions with us HOWEVER make sure they apply to one of the subcultures listed above. I do NOT want to see this community flooded with clothes we'd see at department store racks at Nordstroms.
(4) LJ-cut ANY pictures over the size of 400x400
(5) Polite, intelligent conversation is a must. If your posts are snarky toward another member, or lack proper structure (Livejournal does have spellcheck!) you will be warned.

Community Participation:
These are the kind of posts that are acceptable and encouraged:
(1) Selling/Trading (within the rules)
(2) Personal projects relating to the community
(3) Sharing a new find
(4) Review on an event, fashion, or anything that relates to your subculture
(5) Input request ("Do you think I am insane for buying this skirt?")
(6) Site updates (if your site relates to the community)
(7) Posts in general relating to the subcultures in fashion, strong women, your life as a strong woman are 100% encouraged

Group Removal:
(1) Violation after multiple warnings
(2) Going off on another member
(3) Constant negativity
(4) While we appreciate the window you have given us into your life, this is not the place to discuss any sort of mental/emotional instability that you may be battling with on a medical level. This kind of tender situation is between you, your family and your doctor. We hope you overcome any tribulations and are able to join us.

Community Mission Statement: To bring together a strong circle of women who submerge themselves in the subculture of their choice and wish to share their lives with other strong women. A subculture support group, so to speak.

Please send an email to ljgroup@cyberlola.com with the following information:
LJ user name
An agreement to the terms above
Briefly, why you would like to join

You should be issued a response within 24 hours. Send again if you have not heard a reply within 72 hours.

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