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The leaves fall, but Nature's beauty endures...

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The stark beauty of Winter brings with it many occasions to let yourself shimmer and shine. 'Tis the season to honor beauty that doesn't fade -- your own, or that of a loved one -- with something truly special. Anyone can dazzle in mass-marketed glitter, but what kind of indulgence is that? My Silver Leaves Collection are all original and custom designs, hand-made using fine silver, gemstones, and replicas of natural leaves. No two are exactly alike, so each piece is as special and distinct as the recipient. Almost any kind of piece is possible, with almost any kind of stone...but leaves are now limited until the Spring. Contact me now to discuss commissioning pieces in time for the assorted Winter holidays.

See My Butterfly Rose Creations Gallery for information, details, and more recent examples of my work.

(Crossposted hither and tither, because I've got a husband and baby to help support, and this year I want to be able to send my friends presents, dangit!)
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