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Welcome, ladies

To refresh what is on the user info page:

This community is for intelligent, serious women to share their interest in the subcultures of:
- Elegant gothic lolita
- Cyber/Industrial
- Fetish/BDSM
- Elegant gothic artisocrat
- Vintage
- Gothic

Women will never be judged on: martial status, sexual orientation, employment, education, children, subculture, lifestyle, etc.

We would like a mix of women, not just auction sellers. Contribution and active participation is essential to this community, be it sharing your art, informal essays on your subculture of choice, and any lifestyle perks/quarks/whatnot with your subculture of choice.

Community Rules:
(1) Females only, no exceptions
(2) We are women - please be 18 or over as the subject matter in which we may discuss may require a mature audience.
(3) If you are a seller, please feel free to share your auctions with us HOWEVER make sure they apply to one of the subcultures listed above. I do NOT want to see this community flooded with clothes we'd see at department store racks at Nordstroms.
(4) LJ-cut ANY pictures over the size of 400x400
(5) Polite, intelligent conversation is a must. If your posts are snarky toward another member, or lack proper structure (Livejournal does have spellcheck!) you will be warned.

Community Participation:
These are the kind of posts that are acceptable and encouraged:
(1) Selling/Trading (within the rules)
(2) Personal projects relating to the community
(3) Sharing a new find
(4) Review on an event, fashion, or anything that relates to your subculture
(5) Input request ("Do you think I am insane for buying this skirt?")
(6) Site updates (if your site relates to the community)
(7) Posts in general relating to the subcultures in fashion, strong women, your life as a strong woman are 100% encouraged

Group Removal:
(1) Violation after multiple warnings
(2) Going off on another member
(3) Constant negativity
(4) While we appreciate the window you have given us into your life, this is not the place to discuss any sort of mental/emotional instability that you may be battling with on a medical level. This kind of tender situation is between you, your family and your doctor. We hope you overcome any tribulations and are able to join us.

Community Mission Statement: To bring together a strong circle of women who submerge themselves in the subculture of their choice and wish to share their lives with other strong women. A subculture support group, so to speak.

Please send an email to ljgroup@cyberlola.com with the following information:
LJ user name
An agreement to the terms above
Briefly, why you would like to join

You should be issued a response within 24 hours. Send again if you have not heard a reply within 72 hours.
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