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Yay, we have three members (including myself) That's not too shabby for the first 12 hours.

I don't know too many ways of advertising this Community outside of posting in other LJ-communities (which some part of my brain informs me is slightly inconsiderate). If either of you have any online LJ friends that you think would benefit from a female-only, 18+ subculture-support community, please alert them.

The main driving force behind the creation of this community were a few factors:
1) Too many silly fangirl in LJ-communities (hence the age barrier for this community)
2) LJ-communities ONLY for selling/buying and not for general discussion (LBG seems to be the only LJ-community without this stigma)
3) LJ-communities specifically geared toward 1 style, 1 subculture or 1 theme.

So, if you were to describe this community to someone I'd say "strong women in subcultures" would be the briefest way to do so. I hope to recruit more members over the weekend =)

Feel free to start up your own posts, Kat + Morgen :)
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